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Lawn and Hedge Care

Having a good lawn makes a garden complete as well as providing a durable surface to use, but it isn't always easy to maintain in tip-top condition.

Whether you require regular mowing and maintenance, or a one off treatment, we have a service to meet your needs.

Lawn and Hedge Care | Bloom Box Gardening Services

Lawn Mowing

We provide our own heavy duty mower with a rear roller to leave you with a professional striped lawn.

Lawn Repair

If you have bare or sunken patches in your lawn we can advise on how best to restore these back to full health. P.O.A.

Fertiliser, Weed and Moss Treatments

We recommended these be applied at varying intervals throughout the year to ensure your lawn grows healthy and thick. At a basic level we would normally apply in early spring, early summer and autumn.


While green moss may not stand out in your lawn, it will slowly smother your grass leaving bare patches which are likely to turn brown and look unpleasant. Scarification uses an fine automated rake to remove the moss while leaving the grass. This service is usually followed by a moss treatment.


Over time the soil in your lawn will become compacted, reducing drainage and stifling the lawn. An array of metal spikes are used to aerate your lawn, leaving a series of holes which are then topped and filled with a lawn sand.

Hedge Care

While we use powered hedge clippers for most work, our employees carry traditional hand shears for finishing and to trim delicate bushes and hedges when required. All waste is swept or raked and either added to your compost heap or green bin, or removed from site if requested.

Pots and Planters

A range of patio containers in terracotta or wood, with the option of adding an ornate trellis to conceal fences and walls.

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Garden Maintenance

We take on all manner of general gardening and maintenance jobs, from the occasional transformation to a regular upkeep and gradual development. In the process, we can translate your vision into beautiful, low maintenance

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Hanging Baskets

These simple yet traditional Georgian style hanging baskets will add life and colour to the modern town house and country manor alike.

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