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Handyman Services

Our gardeners are skilled with their hands and this makes them useful in more ways than you might think.

Handyman Services | Bloom Box Gardening Services

Fixing gates, mending fences, painting, wood staining; even putting up sheds and greenhouses are just some of the jobs we're happy to undertake while we are in the garden.

  • Replace and repair fencing
  • Fence painting
  • Decking staining
  • Repair and maintenance of sheds
  • Assemble green houses and stands

Pots and Planters

A range of patio containers in terracotta or wood, with the option of adding an ornate trellis to conceal fences and walls.

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Garden Maintenance

We take on all manner of general gardening and maintenance jobs, from the occasional transformation to a regular upkeep and gradual development. In the process, we can translate your vision into beautiful, low maintenance

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Hanging Baskets

These simple yet traditional Georgian style hanging baskets will add life and colour to the modern town house and country manor alike.

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