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Garden Clearance

You need a blank canvas to paint a masterpiece, but sometimes you can't see the good for the weeds

Garden Clearance | Bloom Box Gardening Services

It's a jungle out there, and when faced with a wild garden overgrown with weeds and neglected trees it can be difficult to know where to start. Bloom Box can strip out the unwanted plants and reset your garden to a clean, clear canvas in a surprisingly short time.

Our clearance service is complete - we dig weeds out at the root to prevent re-growth, cut out-of-control grass and trim trees and shrubs back to promote a more shapely growth. All green waste removed is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Unlike most of our services, the price of which can be calculated in advance, we charge clearance at an hourly rate of £20 per man. This reflects the fact that one border of weeds is never quite like another and so a price per square metre would not be representative.

We normally work in pairs for this type of work - or larger teams for bigger jobs - and we pride ourselves in working quickly and carefully. To date, every one of our customers has been impressed with the speed at which the space was cleared and this is a reputation we intend to uphold.

Common Questions

How do you decide what is a weed and what's not?

As with all gardening, personal preference prevails. No plant is a weed if you like it and we do not follow conventions for what should be left in and what should be removed. If you have a natural garden, we can still provide a thorough clearing service around the plants that you would like to keep.

Do you use chemical sprays?

Our preferred approach is to dig weeds out at the root, as we find it to be the most effective way to control their numbers. In certain situations, for example around tarmac or between paving, we may recommend a topical spray but this would only carried out with the agreement with the customer and where it would have minimal effect on the surrounding ecology.

Can you remove/reshape established trees?

We can assist with trees up to 5 metres tall.


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